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Hannah's Swim

On Sunday 23rd December, Hannah Domhof completed the challenge she had set herself to complete 650 lengths of Sidmouth Pool in 8 hours. This was to raise money towards a work experience trip to the Czech Republic in February 2013. Below is the tale of how she did it: 

“I warmed up with a short run along the seafront and back before entering the pool at 8.45am. I then started the task of swimming the 10.1 miles. I set off feeling good and was 30 minutes ahead of schedule at the half-way point which was brilliant.  It was after this that the task felt it’s toughest – I’d had the goal of half-way in my head and had done it, but now had to find ways of motivating myself to keep going while I started to tire. I did this by coming up with smaller targets such as the next 1500m completed or getting to round numbers of complete lengths like 350 or 400 etc. My next big boost came when I only had another 100 lengths to complete: now I decided to swim them in sets of 10 and count them down – the end was in sight. It was a great feeling to swim the last 2 lengths and to know I’d done it – such a relief after so many people had shown such confidence in me. 

I had great support from friends and family sending messages, coming down to cheer me on and swimming with me on the day – thank you everyone, it all helped. I can’t name everyone personally here as there were just so many but you know who you are and it meant a lot. A special mention should go to my friend Jess Bendle and my brother Matthew Domhof who played a huge part in keeping my spirits up across the day!                       

I also want to thank everyone that has sponsored me to do this or left donations at the pool on the day – I have been touched by how many people have been so generous. This includes friends, family, members of both Sid Vale Sharks and Sidmouth Badminton Club and the staff and pupils at Sidmouth College.                                                                            

I am now going to enjoy a couple of weeks off over the Christmas holidays and then I can start to look ahead to the work experience trip in February. It will feel great to know how many people have helped to make it possible and will look forward to telling everyone how I got on when I come home.”

Notice From The Coach

1 You are reminded to keep regular checks on web site for all up to date info to include gala /forthcoming open meets etc,they will be advertised well in advance of any closing dates.

2 Devon counties 2013 reminder that the closing date for all entries is 9th Jan to your club coach in order for all entries to be checked and submitted officially by 16th Jan.

3 All swimmers are reminded to arrive 5 mins early and do their stretches prior to swimming.

4 Flippers .The use of pool flippers is being phased out as there is insufficient for all swimmers.Swimmers are strongly recommended to purchase their own at their earliest convenience and bring along there own kit bag.Any swimmer who turns up with their own flippers will be allowed to wear them during part of the session.